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Parker and Bailey Brass and Copper Polish


Parker & Bailey Brass & Copper Polish: Revitalize and Protect

Introducing the Brass & Copper Expert

For every brass and copper owner, the Brass & Copper Polish by Parker & Bailey stands as the gold standard in care. This metal polish serves as the quintessential solution for cleaning, polishing, and shielding your brass and copper treasures.

Unparalleled Cleaning and Polishing Power

Our signature metal polish is tailor-made for brass and copper items. This potent formula not only acts as the ultimate tarnish remover but also revives and safeguards metals from future tarnishing. Moreover, its application isn’t just limited to brass and copper – you can use it on other metals to ensure they remain tarnish-free.

Versatility at Its Best

Whether it’s a brass bed, lamp, rail, serving dish, utensil, door knob, or any other metallic artifact, our polish breathes new life into them. Discolorations, stains, and tarnish spots become things of the past, especially on kitchen appliances like copper cookware.

Gentle Yet Effective

The beauty of our metal polish lies in its gentle touch. While powerful against tarnish, it’s free of harmful detergents and solvents, ensuring your metals remain unscratched and unharmed. Trust this gentle giant to maintain the integrity of your prized possessions.

Simple and Hassle-Free Application

Using our polish is a breeze. Dab a bit onto a dry cloth, apply, rub, and watch as tarnish fades away. Once you notice a black residue, indicating tarnish removal, buff it with a clean cloth to unveil a lustrous sheen.

In Conclusion With Parker & Bailey, you invest in a product that offers cleaning, polishing, and protection, all in one. Ensure your brass and copper items retain their natural allure, and stand the test of time with our premium polish.

Suggested Uses:

  • Ideal for brass beds, lamps, railings, serving dishes, utensils, door knobs, and more.
  • Perfect for eliminating tarnish spots, stains, and discolorations from all brass and copper surfaces.
  • Acts as an anti-tarnishing agent, shielding the surface for months on end.

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