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Parker and Bailey Orange Oil Polish


Parker & Bailey’s Orange Oil Polish: Rediscover the Shine

Revitalizing Furniture with Orange Oil Magic

Our specially crafted blend of orange oil and moisturizing agents rejuvenates tired furniture, breathing life into each piece. By replenishing lost oils, Parker & Bailey Orange Oil Polish unveils the wood’s innate brilliance, banishing dullness forever.

Beyond Furniture: A Versatile Woodwork Solution

Whether it’s your cherished cabinet, ornate door, or decorative trim, our polish infuses new life into all woodwork. Protection from sun fading, drying, and cracking is just an application away. Let the natural luster of your wood surfaces shine through with every use.

Application Made Simple

Unleash the power of the polish by removing the center pull tab, dispensing onto a cloth, microfiber towel, or buffer, and let your wood absorb its nourishing magic. With smooth and even spreadability, large areas become a joy to cover.

Not Just a Polish: A Household Cleaning Marvel

Harness the natural cleaning prowess of orange oil to rid surfaces of dirt, grease, and grime. From sinks and fixtures to showers, this polish acts as a dual cleaner and protector, even warding off pesky soap residue build-ups.

A Heritage of Trust with Parker & Bailey

Delivering quality since 1879, our Orange Oil Wood Cleaner and Polish continues to be a cherished favorite. Embrace a legacy of wood care like no other, and witness the transformation in every application.

Conclusion: The Ultimate Care with Parker & Bailey

Choose Parker & Bailey Orange Oil Polish for unparalleled furniture and woodwork care. Dive into its rich moisturizing capabilities, delight in its easy application, and rest easy with its tried and true reputation. Every drop promises to unveil the hidden beauty of your wooden treasures.


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