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U RESIN OceanCast


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U RESIN OceanCast is a 2- part, slow curing, deep casting, epoxy resin system. All our Epoxy Resin kits come including both Part A and Part B. (Individual parts NOT sold separately) U RESIN OceanCast is a simple 2:1 ratio by volume. All U RESIN, resin and colourants are proudly West Australian manufactured and supplied.

U RESIN OceanCast has a very low viscosity and excellent bubble dispersion. Once mixed and poured bubbles with begin to disperse on their own however can be aided with heat (i.e. butane torch).

With a pot life of more than 280 minutes (@ 22 degrees Celsius) this is the perfect system for creating river tables, embedding, and large mould castings. U RESIN OceanCast can be poured clear between 50-100mm thick per layer (for best results). Not suitable for pours less than 50mm deep.

OceanCast de-mould time is between 48 – 72 hours depending on total thickness poured and ambient temperature. For a full cure please allow 7- 14 days (dependent on ambient temperature and environment.

U RESIN OceanCast is a self-levelling and low exotherm (peak exotherm of 38 degrees (celsius) at 450 mins) resin system that has been designed specifically for thick clear pours. With a high temperature resistance of up to 110 degrees (Celsius) once cured and post cured (10 -14 days), it is the ideal casting system for River Tables and large castings or potting. Not suitable for small casting or moulding projects.

U RESIN OceanCast benefits:
Excellent UV Stability
– Low Odour & VOC

– Low Exotherm
– Hard Curing with Glossy Finish
– Slow Curing system with long pot life
– Excellent Compressive Strength
– High Temperature Resistance

This unique resin system is ideal for deep and large castings due to the excellent clarity and transparency.  It offers high elongation, impact strength and good low temperature properties. The low viscosity of this system makes for excellent self levelling applications. In addition, the low viscosity makes it ideal to blend with a variety of pigments. The low exotherm created by the slower materials of this system, allows the casting of larger and thicker parts (not for small pours under 50mm thick).

All U RESIN systems are very versatile in accepting a wide range of colour pigments and powders. However for the best results we recommend the pigments we have available on our website.

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