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Parker and Bailey 16 Heavy Duty Felt Pads – 33mm


Parker & Bailey 16 Heavy Duty Felt Pads – chair leg protectors: Preserve the Beauty of Your Floors

Superior Protection for Your Floors

Discover our Furniture 16 Heavy Duty Felt Pads – your best defense against scratches on wood flooring, laminate, and tile. These felt coasters, designed as chair leg floor protectors, shield your floors and ensure they remain pristine. Moreover, with their enhanced adhesive and robust design, you get premium, long-lasting floor protection.

Tailored for Furniture: Seamless Blend with Decor

Specifically crafted to defend your floors against scratches from chair legs, our 16 Felt Pads excel as chair leg protectors. Whether your home boasts wood, laminate, or tile, our felt coasters rise to the occasion. Plus, with options in brown and tan, they naturally complement your furniture and interior.

Exceptional Durability: Built to Last

Traditional felt pads often wane in adhesive strength. However, our Furniture Felt Pads stand apart. We’ve fortified their adhesive to be 25% stronger, ensuring they endure daily wear and significantly reduce replacement needs.

Multipurpose and Versatile: More Than Just Floor Protector

Beyond safeguarding against scratches, this floor protector serves as soft cushions that facilitate smooth furniture movement. From dining tables to bookshelves and couches, these pads prevent dings, reduce noise, and diminish friction. The result? A tranquil living space.

Easy Installation: Stick and Protect

Installation of our chair leg protectors remains a straightforward affair. Forget cutting, additional hardware, or glue. Peel, stick onto your furniture legs, and witness impeccable floor protection in action.

In sum, if your quest involves seeking the best chair leg protectors, our 16 Heavy Duty Felt Pads emerge as the ideal pick. They encapsulate quality, utility, and convenience. When it’s about preserving your floors and furniture, trust in our legacy of excellence.

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